Ravichandran Ashwin dissatisfied with the pink ball

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Ravichandran Ashwin dissatisfied with the pink ball

Ravichandran Ashwin had problems with the pink ball in the match against England. He explained what the biggest problem was "Even before I started the game, I was a little sceptical in the nets," Ashwin said, as quoted by cricbuzz "When I bowled, the balance of the ball was a lot different to the red ball.

When you try to put too much revs, it wasn't rotating as much at the seam as I thought the red ball was." "Clearly, the chance of it catching the glossy surface was far greater. If at all it caught the seam, it was spinning quite big and not responding the way the red ball might.

Whatever was happening, was happening really quick off the surface. "If we played a red-ball game on the same surface, the pace of the game must have been a touch slower. These are all the things I'm talking about in hindsight.

Ball speed

In addition to Ashwin, Rohit Sharma and Joe Root were also dissatisfied with the pink ball and how fast she was moving "I can't really explain but a small few microseconds make such a huge difference in a game," Ashwin agreed.

"And if it's going to skid on even a fraction quicker, that's the difference between hitting the inside edge and hitting the pad, so it is quite different." "Sometimes the batsman can be caught with the bat behind the pad because the ball skidded faster than what you've been used to with the red ball.

To make an adjustment within a span of five-six days is not so easy. The more we play, the more players will get better." Ashwin thinks that it is much harder to play with such a ball and that this is also the reason for his poor game, but also the team's game.

"If there's a little bit stacked in favour of the bowlers, this is what might happen. When there is a little bit of advantage to the bowlers, where it swings more or seams more, the margin of error for the batter is so little."

"It happened even at the Eden Gardens against Bangladesh. It could very well be spoken about how we played really well and won the game but that has been the nature of pink-ball Tests." "Even in New Zealand, England were all out for 58.

We were all out in Australia for 36. When you look at the larger picture of Test cricket, you might say these are one-off occasions but these are a regular affair in pink-ball Tests," Ashwin said.