Virat Kohli: "We are confident of how we play the pink ball."

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Virat Kohli:  "We are confident of how we play the pink ball."

Cricket can sometimes be very surprising and many strange things can happen. Virat Kohli is aware of that and is aware of what happened at the pink ball Tests to them, but also to other teams, like England. "Both are bizarre experiences for two quality sides.

If you ask England the same question that whether you think you could be bowled out for 50 again, their answer will be no." "Because you understand that on a particular day, things are meant to happen a certain way, and whatever you try to do, it is out of your control and nothing seems to go right.

Exactly what happened to us in Adelaide," Kohli said on the eve of the third Test, as quoted by cricbuzz "Barring that 45 minutes of bad cricket, we dominated that Test as well. We are confident of how we play the pink ball.

Even in Australia, where the pitches were assisting their seamers, they were under the pump throughout the game." "We understand that quite well. From the outside, things are not as detailed or as explained about what happens in the change room."

"But you understand exactly what went wrong that day and you brush it aside, which the team did beautifully in the Melbourne Test. These are experiences. Not a mental scar. Not a hindrance. Something you learn from and move ahead," he added.


Kohli believes that the opposing team has many weaknesses that they should use "There are many, many weaknesses in the opposition side as well if you are keen to exploit them. If the seamer-friendly track is for them it's for us as well."

"And we probably have, among other teams, the best bowling attack in the world, so we're not really bothered by what the ball might bring differently to the table. We're ready for anything that comes out of it," the 32-year-old said.

Pink Ball seems to create problems for many players, and Kohli thinks that sometimes it can be very hard to play Pink Ball matches. "It's much more challenging to play with the new ball with the pink ball regardless of what pitch you're playing on, and especially in the evening if, say, as a batting team you're starting your innings in the evening, under lights, then that one, one and a half hour is very challenging."

"Yes spin will come into play for sure, but I don't think the new ball and the fast bowlers can be ignored. The pink ball does bring them into the game till the ball is nice and shiny and something that we are very well aware of preparing for it."