Nazmul Hasan disappointed with decision of his player

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Nazmul Hasan disappointed with decision of his player

Nazmul Hasan, the Bangladesh Cricket Board President, is disappointed with his player's decision: Shakib al Hasan has chosen to play the Indian League rather than play for his national team in Test Matches ''No one is indispensable,'' Nazmul told reporters on Monday (February 22) after completing a lengthy meeting with his board members at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium, as quoted by cricbuzz "It's not that we are embarrassed, rather we are disappointed (as he agreed to play in the IPL instead of playing the two-match Test series against Sri Lanka)."

"You all know we have invested a lot in the player for 10 to 15 years, and apart from the agreement, we spend a lot behind them when they are injured,'' he said. "We lost (the Test series) to Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan and then we lost to West Indies at home,"

Hasan is disappointed

Hasan is not expected of his player to do so, especially when they need him "I thought everyone would be eager to play the series (against Sri Lanka) and at that point, if anyone says that they don't want to play and choose to play somewhere else in a franchise league then I don't have anything to say."

"When someone says I don't want to play the next Test, and play in a franchise T20 league, it becomes very clear that we can't do much with them. I didn't like the timing of it." "He was among the players I expected would take charge of the difficult situation.

It was disappointing." They now seem to regret the decision three years ago when they gave him the captain's armband even though he didn't want to play in Test matches "This is not the first time this is happening but one thing is for sure that we won't put pressure on anyone to play for us.

We want everyone to play but if there is someone who doesn't want to play it is okay with us," said Nazmul. "Couldn't we have stopped Shakib from going (to the IPL)? He may have played but we don't want that.

We want only those to play who really love the game." "We have tried to keep him interested. When Shakib had declined to play Tests three years ago, we made him the captain but that didn't really pay off in the long run,'' he said.