Rohit Sharma: "Talk about cricket, not pitches."

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Rohit Sharma: "Talk about cricket, not pitches."

Rohit Sharma, an Indian cricket player, believes that individuals exaggerate when it comes to the quality of the field in Chennai. Many players have criticized the pitch but Sharma disagrees with such statements "Our team looks forward to playing in circumstances when everything is against you.

When we travel outside India, we never complain about the pitches." "We are happy to play on whatever's on offer and move on. Everyone else should do the same, especially our experts. Talk about cricket, not pitches," Rohit said, as quoted by cricbuzz Sharma believes that the field is the least important thing, but that in fact, both teams have such a field and that they play under the same conditions.

"We don't overthink about the pitches; we only play cricket. Pitch is same for both the teams, so I don't understand why there's so much discussion around it, about how it should and shouldn't be."

"Pitches in India have been prepared like this for years. I don't think anything has changed or anything should change. Every team takes advantage of their home conditions. "That's what the home-and-away advantage in cricket is.

Otherwise cricket should do away with home-and-away advantage and ask the ICC to make rules about how pitches should be, and that they should be the same in India and outside India." "When we go out, people make our lives difficult, so I don't think there should be much discussion around the pitches.

Discuss the game, discuss the player, how he's batting and bowling." "There shouldn't be discussion around pitches because both teams play on it and whoever does it better wins."

Focusing on the game

Sharma believes that players should focus on their game and how to play the best possible match "I don't think about pitches.

The pitch is what it is; it's not going to change the more you think about it. So it is better to think about how to play, think about your technique." "If it's a turning pitch, think about whether you need to sweep or step out.

If it's a seaming pitch, think about whether you need to stand outside the crease, defend more or leave balls. It seems that such a field is just a challenge more for all players "As a batsman, I try to adapt myself and prepare my mind for the pitch.

That's why people are here. A lot of cricketers want to play cricket (at the highest level) but people who are here playing for India are picked because they understand the conditions better." "So mindset, skillset is important in challenging conditions. Chances are that you'll fail but it doesn't matter as long as you learn from that," Rohit added.