Nazmul Hassan plans to make big changes in the Bangladesh team

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Nazmul Hassan plans to make big changes in the Bangladesh team

Bangladesh was declassified by the West Indies. Everyone on the team is disappointed, and they don’t know what the reason is for such a bad game. There are various excuses, but a member of the board spoke for the cricbuzz site and was disappointed that a warm-up match did not take place.

"It is disappointing,'' said the member of the coaching panel on a request not to be named. "No one gave us an option for a warm-up game. But I suppose we got to blame someone and find every reason for losing so I understand," he said.

Bangladesh Cricket Board president, Nazmul Hassan seems very angry about the failure and wants to find the culprit in all this. After the defeat, he held a meeting with people from the management, from the club, with the coaches where he wanted to find out what was the reason for such a bad game.

Hassan believes that many things need to change and that everyone in the club will bear their responsibility and have certain tasks in the future. "Earlier I used to directly tell them to do this, now I don't act like that.

I wanted to bring everything under a process. For example, those who are in selection, their job will not end just by giving names. They have to be much more involved," he said. "Now we will tell them (team management) what to do and they must do it because they are failing after being given the liberty to take their own decisions."

" I must have knowledge of everything beforehand. Strategic changes are being made without my knowledge and I am provided with wrong information," he added.

Lack of communication

The lack of communication between the management and the coach and other people in the club affected the poor results.

Now it looks like there will be a change in that area as well. "There is some communication gap. But now after these two matches [against West Indies], everybody knows that there is something wrong," he said adding that the miscommunication began after former Bangladesh skipper Khaled Mahmud left his post as the national team's manager.

"Earlier Khaled Mahmud was the manager. He was the link between the team and the board. Therefore, what was happening with the players, what was going on with the coaches, we could know everything." "At least I was kept informed but now there is a big communication gap. If everyone agrees and works together then I think within a few months we can fix the process," he said.