Gowtham signed a contract with Chennai Super Kings

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Gowtham signed a contract with Chennai Super Kings

K Gowtham seems overjoyed with the fact that he is now a new Chennai Super Kings player. Gowtham watched the auction in Ahmedabad with his team and he was very nervous "We were in our rooms in Ahmedabad and it was nerve-wracking," Gowtham told Cricbuzz.

"I was very nervous, I had shivers. I was on a call with my wife. I met Hardik and Rohit. Both of them were very very happy for me. They hugged and congratulated me from the bottom of their heart. It was a very special moment."

Even more impressive is the fact that with his arrival he replaced Harbhajan Singh who is his idol and will now be in his position. "When your idol is someone and you get an opportunity to fill in their boots, it's a great feel," he said.

"I can't put it across in words. It's something which we can only think of and sometimes when it comes true, it's really amazing." He is aware of the size of the club he is coming to and that he will play with great players who will help him become a better version of himself.

"We know what kind of a franchise CSK is," he remarked. "They make sure the best comes out of you. I'm looking forward to playing for them. I'm extremely happy that I'll be playing alongside Mahi bhai (MS Dhoni) and others."

Balaji believes in Gowtham

Bowling coach L Balaji thinks that Gowtham will manage at the club and that he is a great player "When it comes to the IPL, there will be a lot of hits and misses," Balaji told Cricbuzz.

"You have to look at what you have in the pool of players and sometimes you have to pick based on the instinct. "I'm sure a player like Gowtham doesn't have to prove something, he isn't a first-timer, all he needs is a right direction and the right opportunities and the right leadership which I would say is very important.

I'm sure MS (Dhoni) will change a player into a match-winner." Balaji believes that Moeen and Gowtham will have a great cooperation and that they needed such players. "We feel in the last 2-3 years there are a lot of left-handers in the top order in the IPL," Balaji said.

"So it is one key area where you need to have a counter defence. Bhajji (Harbhajan) and Ashwin used to give that tremendously to CSK with success and I'm sure Gowtham and Moeen will fill in and considering their ability to perform a dual role (with the bat), they will add more value to the team."