Chris Morris became the most expensive signing of the Indian League

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Chris Morris became the most expensive signing of the Indian League

There was record-breaking! Chris Morris became the most expensive player in the history of the Indian Cricket League after the Rajasthan Royals managed to sign a contract with him. Although he had problems with injuries during his career, it seems that the situation is better now "We spoke to Chris before the auction and did a full medical review.

He's in a bubble now in South Africa and about to play the domestic competition." "Chris is an ex-Royal and is one of those players with experience who can deal with a price tag like that. We've rebalanced the side this year and he fill an important role for us in all phases of the game and also can win us the game with the bat as well and ball."

"That was our last bid, we had stretched our limit. Thankfully Kings backed out and we're delighted to have him back." , Jake Lush McCrum, RR's COO said, as quoted by criccbuz

Morris will be important

Everyone at the club is happy for him because they are aware of his qualities and how much he can provide to the team with his games.

"He's a multi-skilled player, he's good in the field and is able to bowl off-spin, so just depends on what teams want," said RCB head coach Mike Hesson. "We all know what good touch he is in away from the IPL.

Only a couple of years ago in 2017 he was used higher up the order and had his best IPL,so we'll look at how we best use AB out and provide a bit of power through the middle there." "We've obviously got other players to do other jobs, so we were after that X-factor player and we've found that in Glenn Maxwell, so we're delighted."

They are satisfied with how they managed on the market and in addition to Morris, the club has signed Moeen, which will be of great importance to them. "We have to have flexibility when it comes to an auction. Most teams have their core combination covered."

"Some areas to focus are important and we are focussing on all-rounder and a bit of power-hitting. Moeen was a good buy in that sense as he has always contributed both with ball and bat. "Watson was giving that flexibility in that top order but Moeen gives the depth and dual role of contributing with bat and all. Moeen will definitely fill in the role we're looking at in the top order and in the spin department."