Silverwood apologises for the mistake in his statement

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Silverwood apologises for the mistake in his statement

England head coach Chris Silverwood has confused reporters and cricket fans. At a recent press conference, he said that Moeen Ali decided to go home, and the journalists misunderstood. Yet Silverwood apologized to Ali and explained the point "First of all, we're sorry the impression we gave yesterday was Moeen's been treated different to other people, " Silverwood said, as quoted by cricbuzz "He isn't.

I can guarantee you that. The decision for him to go home was ours as it was with Buttler, Sam, Bairstow and [Mark] Wood, to be honest." "So, we're happy to own that decision. We touched base with Mo last night as did Joe and he was fine.

He understands we've got his best interests at heart and we're trying to look after him just like all the other players in the strange times we're in."

Moeen needs to rest

Moen was asked if he would like to play in the 3rd and 4th test match, but he was positive on COVID and it should be taken into account and he will definitely need a longer time to get back in shape.

"It was a unique situation with Moeen, the fact that he had spent so long in isolation getting Covid out in Sri Lanka and how he'd just broken back into the team," Silverwood said. "The question was posed to him.

We try and work as closely as we can with players to make sure they get the best opportunities as well as looking after them so it was asked. But ultimately, we felt it was the right decision for him to go home." Most resent Silverwood and think that Test Cricket is not his priority, which Silverwood absolutely disagrees with, and he seems to be maximally focused on the upcoming matches.

"Test cricket is really important to me, I've always said that," he said. "It's something Joe and I are very passionate about. We prioritise Tests and T20 equally, to be honest. We know we have a great opportunity to have a bit of a dry run with the T20 World Cup being in India but equally we have to respect that to get people to the T20 World Cup and the Ashes fresh and on top form, we have to look after them."

"It is the world we are living in. But I can guarantee that we are not prioritising anything above Test cricket."