Kohli is satisfied with the game of India and is especially grateful to the fans

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Kohli is satisfied with the game of India and is especially grateful to the fans

India beat England in the second test match and now they have a mental advantage. Although there were many criticisms and objections on the surface and to toss Kohli denied such statements "The toss wouldn't have mattered much in this game to be honest," Kohli said after India's win, as qupted by criccbuz "Because if you looked at our second innings, we got 300 as well.

It wasn't unfair if the toss went either way. Both teams should be in the game from the first session onwards, whether it is on spinning to seaming tracks, and that exactly was the case in this game." The importance of the fans who were not present in the previous match was seen in this match.

Kohli believes that they are the ones who helped the team win and that without them this victory would not be possible. "It was a bit strange in the first game to be playing at home with empty stands," Kohli said.

"We were pretty flat on the first two days over there to be pretty honest, myself included, didn't pick up energy on the field. "The crowds make a big difference. This game was an example of the grit and determination this side shows and the crowd is a big part of that.

Chennai crowd are very intelligent, they understand their cricket really well. In a 15-20 minute period where the bowler needs the support of the crowd, it is my responsibility to involve everyone and bring in the crowd."

Pant and Patel

Rishabh Pant was often the target of criticism but seems to have improved his game, which could be seen in the match against England "Rishabh Pant has really worked hard in Australia," Kohli revealed.

"When he moves with the gloves you can see the difference in his reactions. He has shed a lot of weight and has worked hard on himself. It is showing, the way he kept with so much turn and bounce, credit to him. We want him to keep improving as a keeper because we know the value he brings to the team."

Debutant Axar Patel has delighted most fans and India seems to have a great future "It is a very, very special moment for Axar," Kohli said. "He would've played the first game as well if he didn't have that niggle.

He was keen to step on, and if you get that kind of pitch, he was all smiles and couldn't wait to get the ball in his hands. Hope he builds on from here, he has an important couple of games ahead."