Naman Ojha ended his cricket career

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Naman Ojha ended his cricket career

Naman Ojha, the India wicketkeeper-batsman, has decided to retire. After many years in cricket, Ojha believes it is time for the end of his career. He is grateful to everyone who helped him in his career and who was part of his career.

"After 20 years in first-class cricket and many more during the junior competitions, I feel it's time for me to move on. It was a long journey and wonderful phase of my life," Ojha said on Monday, as quoted by criccbuz "I am grateful to all who supported me in achieving dream of playing for my country and state - my coaches, trainers, physios and selectors, my captains and teammates, my family and well wishers, and MPCA & BCCI.

"In a short time, I can not single out the individual efforts but everyone who has helped me - right from inculcating love and passion for the game, coaching me throughout different stages of career, counselling and guiding me in tough times, and all contributions just to push me and make me a better player on each day of my career."

Ojha had a rich career in which he played with various legends of this sport. He says that the family has played a significant role in his career and that he is especially grateful to his family. "I was very fortunate to play alongside many legends of cricket - in my State team as well as whenever I played for India or the IPL.

The list will be too long to write but I cannot forget them ever - each and every person - for their guidance, motivation, camaraderie, and constant support to me. "I cannot miss to mention the support of my parents, wife, relatives, and friends.

Their role in shaping my career in cricket as also my character as a human being is priceless." " I realise the sacrifices on their part, the challenges they countered just to help me focus on cricket. I am indebted to each one of them for their good deeds and hard work for me."

"The Role of MPCA, BCCI, my cricket clubs, and media in my life is very significant. I am very fortunate to receive support from everyone through out my career. I express my sincere thanks to all."

The Indian team has a great future

He believes that the Indian team has a great future and that they can achieve a lot of success in the future.

Still, it looks like Ojha will continue to play cricket but for his own fun "I have had a wonderful time on field. My unfulfilled dream of winning Ranji Trophy for my state shall pinch me forever. But I see great potential in new generation cricketers who can achieve this with triumphant performances."

" I wish them the best to take forward the game with ethics, dignity, diligence, commitment, pride, and most important - sportsmanship." "While I leave the competitive format of game for my State and Country with best of memories, I shall be keen to wear the gloves and face the ball in global competitions."

"Cricket has given me best of almost everything in my life till date. In future, I shall strive hard to return back to this beautiful game to the best of my abilities."