Mehidy Hasan believes his team can beat the West Indies

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Mehidy Hasan believes his team can beat the West Indies

Mehidy Hasan plays great for the Bangladesh team. During each match, he is one of the better ones. However, he believes that he should not bother with statistics and that his focus is on some other things. "Nobody can say about the future but I want to go a long way.

I can't say how many wickets I want to take or how many runs I want to score. I think if I set the goal, it will be extra pressure," Mehidy said at the end of the third day's play, as quoted by criccbuz There was a lot of controversy about his position.

However, regardless of his position, he is trying to help the team and for now, he is doing great. "I personally believe that I can bat well. I hope I can always contribute with the bat for the team," Mehidy said. "I started my international career as a bowler.

When I first started I couldn't score many runs, so people recognized me as a bowler who can also bat a bit. "But deep down inside I knew that I have the capabilities and kept pushing, and I still don't consider myself a front-line batsman in the national team, but if you consider the position in which I bat, if I'm able to score some runs, it's a huge help for the whole team."

"If a number eight can score fifty runs on a regular basis, then the team benefits hugely from it. I'm quite satisfied with the way my batting has shaped up."

West Indies have an advantage

Although the West Indies have an advantage that will be difficult to achieve, Mehidy believes that everything is possible in cricket and that his team will try to win.

"Hard to say right now (how many runs can we chase) as the first thing we need to do is to get them all out as soon as possible tomorrow, restricting them from having a big lead. The wicket is not favoring the batsmen anymore and the balls are keeping low.

The turn is evident, so batting would be very difficult in these conditions, especially on the fifth day. "I'd say we would try to bundle them out around 150-200 runs, which would give us somewhere near a 300-run target, which is still a hard task on a wicket like this.

Though I believe in the skills and the mindset of our batsmen. I think anything is possible in cricket. West Indies achieved something unimaginable in the first Test, so why can't we repeat things in this one," he concluded.