Mohammad Azharuddin on matches between India and Pakistan

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Mohammad Azharuddin on matches between India and Pakistan

Mohammad Azharuddin, a former cricket player in his exclusive interview for cricket Pakistan spoke about his career. He talked about Babar Azam who is a big star in Pakistan "Babar is still young and has a lot of cricket ahead of him.

He has the ability to become a top batsman and register his name among the great Pakistani batsmen of the past," said Azharuddin. "I don’t believe in comparisons. If a batsman is good, then his batting should be enjoyed and he should be praised rather than comparing him with someone else," he added.

India vs Pakistan

He also talked about the matches with Pakistan and why India won those matches "Pressure can be a reason. Out of three World Cup games against Pakistan in which I captained India, only the match in Bangalore was a high scoring encounter.

In the other two games, Pakistan was chasing around 230 and lost early wickets. If you lose early wickets in a World Cup game while chasing, then even a small target like 230 also looks like 300 or 350. We played positive cricket and performed in all departments, which is why we won those games," he said.

The matches between India and Pakistan will depend on the relations between the two countries "This decision depends on the government of both countries. Once talk resumes between both countries, only then a series can happen," he said.

Younis took Mohammad’s advice which helped him to achieve a victory "I want to thank Younis for giving me credit. I watched him bat on TV and he was playing in an ungainly way. Sometimes he was playing from outside the crease and sometimes he was trying other things.

I didn’t like seeing a player, who has scored 10,000 runs, bat in this manner. So I just called him on the phone and advised him to stay still and play from inside the crease, as it will be easier for him," he said.

"I know Younis since he made his debut in 2000. We played a game in Sharjah and he caught me in that match. He is a very good friend and a human being," he added. "PSL is really good for Pakistan cricket as matches are again taking place in Pakistan as there was no cricket in the country for past 7 or 8 years. Youngsters will get to watch their heroes play in stadiums rather than watching them on TV," he said.