Tamim Iqbal: "Only players who are in the bubble know how suffocating it is.""

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Tamim Iqbal: "Only players who are in the bubble know how suffocating it is.""

Tamim Iqbal will try to win against the West Indies with Bangladesh. In an interesting interview he gave for cricbuzz, he talked about the difficult season and what consequences the pandemic had on him and on the game of his team.

"In 2020 we were supposed to play a lot of Test cricket, but unfortunately that didn't happen because of the pandemic and it was a loss for our cricketers. We were very hopeful as team that the year would be big for us because we never had a busier schedule like the one we had last year."

"But unfortunately the pandemic came and not for us but for the whole world and we had nothing to do, because you cannot fight this. Still we are lucky that we all are safe with our beloved ones." - Iqbal said, as quoted by cricbuz It was not at all easy for the players to be closed and adapt to the new situation, but they had to find the strength and come to terms with such a fact.

"Maintaining physical fitness was easier because we had nothing to do apart from running and doing the gym and you could do that at home. But the mental side was most difficult especially during the early times, when the lockdown started, and it was really challenging" "But slowly we got used to it.

Now the most challenging thing is the bubble because [those] who are staying inside the bubble know how difficult it is and probably that is the biggest challenge now. Only players who are in the bubble know how suffocating it is."

Mental consequences

Iqbal also spoke about the mental state of the players and the mental consequences for them. He showed how difficult this situation is for them "I am not sure whether it is boring or not but certainly it has an effect on us mentally.

For example when you are not performing, it becomes more difficult in the bubble because normally when you are not having great times on the field, after returning to the hotel, the player usually goes out to meet their friends and family, and that helps one to recover."

"But now all of sudden when you are not performing you come back to the room and keep on thinking about it and you don't have any other thing to do and that is quite challenging. "When you know that you are not allowed to go out then it becomes really difficult.

It is certainly draining mentally when your movement is restricted. This is a new thing that we have to go through and in the near future we probably have to spend a lot of time in the bubble. Let's see how it goes but it won't be easy that is one thing I am sure."