Tim Paine believes that his team must be careful despite the advantage over India

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Tim Paine believes that his team must be careful despite the advantage over India

Although Australia beat India and showed that they are much better, their player Tim Paine believes that euphoria must not exist and that they should be careful despite the lead "We can't pay any attention to mental scars or whatever it is that people are talking about.

We know that India is a proud cricket country, they're extremely talented Test match side. They've got some very dangerous players and the moment we take the foot off the pedal and think we're going alright - think we saw in England in the fifth Test that we can come unstuck pretty quickly."

, as quoted by criccbuzz The 2019 Ashes series has been interesting and since then it seems like the mentality of the Australian team has changed. One should be careful though, as India has strong individual players "A huge focus since that fifth Test in the Ashes is 'winning after winning'

And our attitude towards the next game, over the last week it's been fantastic in preparing for this game. "We know that some of the players that they're talking about coming into the side like KL Rahul or Rishabh Pant are dangerous players who like to take the game on and play positively.

If we give guys like that an inch, they'll take them all." "So we've to be bang on the mark tomorrow as we were in Adelaide. And prepare to turn up tomorrow for another five-day battle. We know that we won the first Test well but it only stumped on day 2 when we were in a serious fight to win that Test match so that's the attitude that we're taking into this Test."

Australia must be concentrated

He believes that the team must be concentrated if they want to achieve the same result as in the first match. It won’t be easy for any team, especially because of the bubble but they are aware that they have the advantage now "It's certainly a challenge and living in a bubble or a hub is certainly easy when you're winning, there's no doubt about that.

Again the flip side of that is you're really close, you're really tight-knit, you're always around each other. It can go both ways. "And we've been on overseas tours before to India or in South Africa where we're bowled out for 50 and it can be really difficult.

So it's important for us to turn up with the attitude we had in the first Test, we know that they are just not going to roll over, we have to work our backsides off to get into the position that we did in Adelaide. And if we can do that, then yes Tests 3 and 4 can become a real battle for them. But we've to start well tomorrow and put them back under the pump."