Virat Kohli believes Rahane will be great as the new captain

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Virat Kohli believes Rahane will be great as the new captain

Virat Kohli will not continue his Australian tour because he wants to return home where he is waiting for the birth of his daughter. The new captain of the team will be Ajinkya Rahane who will have a great responsibility "Firstly we have had a lot of mutual understanding and respect over the years, we've had great partnerships batting together which is based on trust and understanding what needs to be done for the team.

Jinks has done a tremendous job (as captain) in the two practice games. He seems to be very composed and he knows the strengths of our team and how we have to go about our things," said Kohli at the pre-match press conference on Wednesday (December 16), as quoted by criccbuzz "Actually, the way we've played our cricket has been the collective effort of our team.

It's a cultural effort and not only down to me strategizing things and putting things in front of people. It's the whole team that has bought into it. We already know the template that we play with and how we go about things.

We're absolutely on the same page and I'm sure he'll do a tremendous job in my absence as well.

Kohli trust in Rahane

Kohli believes that Rahane will be a good captain and that he deserved such a role in the team while he is not there.

"The focus remains till the time I'm here to provide captaincy leadership and perform to the best of my abilities. From then on I'm pretty confident Jinks will do a tremendous job. I've said this previously as well, I feel this is his time to really step up and perform strongly as an individual and as a captain as well, I'm sure he'll do a great job when I'm gone.

We're on the same page completely and the vision simply remains to put in good performances and make sure we're competing every game and the idea is to win the series." The match with Australia starts with the pink-ball Test and Kohli thinks that preparations in such matches are not so important because a lot of unforeseen situations happen in those matches.

"I think you can have a fair idea of how you want to go about things but I don't think you can concretely plan for anything in Test cricket. Test cricket is all about encountering situations and reacting to those situations to the best of your abilities.

Understanding when you need to attack when you need to defend when you need to bat through a session, end a session well, start a session well. The pink ball Test brings in a few more variables like the twilight period, it's a tricky one to bat in that situation and probably bowling in the first session as well, it's up to being more disciplined, and at night you have more to offer with the ball."