Waqar Younis hopes for the return of Amiri

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Waqar Younis hopes for the return of Amiri

Mohammad Amiri said goodbye to the national team last year, which greatly surprised the leaders of the cricket team of Pakistan. That decision was unexpected and now there is talk of Amiri coming back again and helping the team.

"The doors are not shut," Waqar said in a press conference on Tuesday, as quoted by cricbuzz
"We are hoping to utilize him well if he's up to the mark.

If he's bowling really well and he can make Pakistan win, we shouldn't go back to his past. Of course, it hurt at some point but we need to move on. If he's best for the country and he can make us win, then we pick him.

"It's an opportunity," he said further elaborating on the rationale behind recalling the pacer. "As far as Amir is concerned, it is how the camp is, it gives us the opportunity to bring in whoever we can and assess how they are, add to the experience.

Whoever has played for Pakistan or will play, our doors are always open. We didn't appreciate that he retired from Test cricket because it was a last-minute retirement ahead of a major series against Australia. That is why we expressed our disappointment.

The doors are not shut for anyone in the past or will be going forward."

Will Amiri come back?

He has said many times how important Amiri is to the team which shows how much the coach of Pakistan wants Amiri to play again.

The coach knows how much his knowledge and experience can help the team. "With Amir, it is not just about this series but even going forward to see where he stands. It's a positive move. He was a part of our white-ball team anyway.

He is an experienced fast bowler, if he is bowling well, we will see... The camp offers us the time to assess not just for this series, but even going forward to understand who we can take forward, who needs to improve. Not only Amir, but we can also bring in someone else as well.

Going forward, there is a lot of cricket coming." COVID has created many problems in cricket, but also in other sports. The players are not at the level they were at and it will take time to get back in shape. However, as Younis says, the conditions are excellent.

"In the three-odd months, where there was no cricket, players became a little rusty. This is an opportunity for everyone to be bowling fit so that by the time the Test match begins, we are prepared. I'm personally very happy with the opportunity we've got to assess the players in the camp.

I couldn't have asked for anything more as a bowling coach. The ground is available at our doorstep. We are confident when the Test match begins, we will be there where we can challenge England.