Shreyas Iyer responds to criticism received for getting out on "short-balls"

Shreyas Iyer confident in his abilities, least bothered by the criticism received.

by Aryan Lakhani
Shreyas Iyer responds to criticism received for getting out on "short-balls"
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Shreyas Iyer was heavily criticized for a few poor performances in the ICC World Cup 2023; the media and fans worldwide claimed that Iyer was weak against short-pitched deliveries. This turned into a huge debate because Shreyas Iyer got out quite a few times on short balls.

The critics and naysayers said that Iyer should get removed from the playing XI in exchange for Hardik Pandya or Ishan Kishan.

Actions do speak louder than words; Iyer's recent knock against Sri Lanka silenced all critics as Iyer showcased what he is capable of doing by scoring a match-saving innings. He scored 82 runs in 56 balls. Iyer is least concerned about the criticism received; he believes in his skills and abilities as a batsman.

Shreyas Iyer on the short-ball criticism

In a recent press conference, Shreyas Iyer shared his thoughts on the criticism received for getting out on short-pitched deliveries. "If you're trying to hit a ball, you're bound to get out anyway, whether it's a short ball or an overpitched ball," Iyer said, as quoted by

"If I get bowled two or three times, would you say that okay, he can't play an in-swinging ball, he can't play a cut, if a ball is seaming? We, as players, are bound to get out on any sort of deliveries. You guys have created that environment outside that he can't play a short ball.

And I feel that people are picking that up every now and then and it plays on your mind regularly and you keep working on that". I mean, rumours are spread everywhere and you'll pick on those rumours. I have faith in myself, in my skills, and how much I've played.

Iyer further said: I'm experienced enough to play certain deliveries. And I may get out again and again, but I don't mind, to be honest, as long as I have faith in myself and my teammates believe in me and support me. So that is a motivating factor for me. I don't pay attention to anything else".