Glenn Maxwell has decided to take a break from training to get better next season

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Glenn Maxwell has decided to take a break from training to get better next season

Glen Maxwell after returning to the Indian League did not have as good a score as expected of him It didn't have anything to do with the pitches at all," said Maxwell on Friday (November 20 "I suppose it was more to do with the amount of time I had left in the game most of the times.

I was either rebuilding or trying to go from ball one with only a couple of balls left." "If you don't hit it, you're in a bit of trouble. I don't take too much out of it. I'm still training as hard as ever and still working on the right things"

Training in UAE

He is now in Sydney after a stay in the UAE where he trained for three hours because of COVID 19 "It was just about getting outside for 3 hours and enjoying some fresh air.

I sort of put the tools down a little bit, just try to work on fitness, have a bit of a run around and just try and stay mentally fresh and get ready for what's a big summer coming up. "I've probably overdone it as far as training goes in UAE.

I went pretty hard and I felt I need a bit of a break. And the staff here have been really good at making sure that each individual has the best plan going to the next series. Everyone's looking forward to hit the ground running when we hit this Indian series.

I haven't really picked up a bat for a while. So, looking forward to getting back to it." It seems that for him, as for some, the pandemic served to rest and learn something new "I think in hindsight, it was a very good time to go through something like that where I was able to sort of put some groundwork into deal with adversity.

This year has certainly been a massive test of it and just sort of put some of my learnings and help other people through it as well. And be a shoulder for other people to lean on. It's something that I probably didn't expect last year but to be able to handle different kinds of tough periods and being able to help myself through those tough periods has been very keen as well.

"I'm better equipped with dealing with those sorts of things now. And just looking at the bigger picture and understanding my role within the Australian side, trying to put the IPL aside and think about the bigger picture of what I need to do to get ready for every game and just know that I'm doing the right things and that when the time comes, when I need it, I can still perform really well."