Dawid Malan ready to fight for England’s first team

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Dawid Malan ready to fight for England’s first team

Dawid Malan has been selected to the roster of the England team that will play against South Africa. Malan is aware that he has little chance of being in the team, but he says that he is there to fight for a place in the team and to put pressure on other players.

"I can only do what I can do," he said from Newlands on Thursday (November 19). "I can't control selection. All I can do is put in the work in the nets and if I get the opportunity to play, keep scoring as many runs as I can to put pressure on the guys that have the spots.

Every opportunity is gold when you are trying to break into this team. I can only do what I can control I hope it is good enough. "Everyone has to work to play for England, I don't think it's ever just given on a plate.

If you look at the limited opportunities I've had since I was in the first Twenty20 squad in 2016, I've only played 16 games. You obviously look back and think you probably didn't get as much of a run but that's understandable because of the quality of players England have had - they won a World Cup and been absolutely fantastic.

You have to capitalise on opportunities every time to be able to stay in the squad."

Strong competition

Malan wants to have memories and wants to achieve as much as possible in his career but he is aware of the competition and that it is very difficult to be in the first team "It doesn't guarantee runs, it doesn't guarantee you a spot in the team," he said.

"It's something that, the day I retire, I will look back on it with fond memories. But the higher your ranking in anything, the more you are looked to and the more pressure that is on you. That's something I am trying to not let affect me.

"I think the competition has always been strong. Since Eoin took over as captain after that 2015 World Cup, the players he's selected and had in and around his team have all been fantastic players, especially the guys that have been established.

They know the quality of players below them and the guys coming through - the Roots, the Bantons, guys waiting in the wings, that drives them to keep pushing the boundaries. "One thing Eoin always talks about is 'keep pushing the boundaries' That drives this team and it drives the fact that everyone has to perform when they get their opportunities."