Ben Stokes hammered 182 runs in just 124 balls against England

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Ben Stokes hammered 182 runs in just 124 balls against England
Ben Stokes hammered 182 runs in just 124 balls against England © Alex Davidson/Getty Images

The England vs New Zealand series has been nothing less than terrific so far. England secured a giant win in the 3rd ODI, and much of the credit goes to Ben Stokes, who ruthlessly scored 182 runs in 124 balls and allowed England to reach a total of 368/10.

New Zealand was under pressure since the very first ball, due to which they lost early wickets and were restricted to 187 runs, allowing England to win the match by 181 runs. Watch the entire match highlights below: England leads the series (2-1) after the recent win and will face New Zealand tomorrow for the 4th ODI/the decider.Ben Stokes broke his teammate Jason Roy's record by two runs; before Stokes' recent innings, Jason Roy was the batsman who scored the highest runs in a single innings for team England in the ODI format.

Ben Stokes on his performance

In a recent interview, Ben Stokes shared his thoughts on achieving such a massive milestone. Watch Ben Stokes individual performance highlights below: "This is the first time that I've been clear in my mind that that's the one thing I can focus on," Stokes said, as quoted by

"I think over the last 18 months, every day has been like, 'will I bowl, will I not bowl?' Now, I know that I can just focus on that. That's my thing for the team now. Having that clarity in my head contributes to that. I'd prefer not to go in that early because I want to see the other lads at the top do well.

I don't think I've necessarily changed my approach in one-day cricket from all the years I spent at No 5 or 6, I still think that batting at No 4, I'll go out with the exact same approach I had at No 5". Stokes further explained: "Today was good for me personally, just to get familiarity again with how 50-over cricket goes.

We started off and lost a few quick wickets, then wanted to go out and put them under a bit of pressure. There were a couple of times I had to check myself because I looked up and there were still 23-24 overs left - that's how one-day cricket can go".