Sean Abbott in the Australian National Team and is ready for his debut

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Sean Abbott in the Australian National Team and is ready for his debut

Sean Abbott is a person who doesn’t like to lose and is focused on the success of his team.Yet he says motivation is not always there "I don't like losing, so every time I went out there and made a duck or not a big score, it really hurt," he said.

The work had always been done (but) I'd be lying if I said the motivation was always there. When I was asked to be a nightwatchman and batting at nine and 10, you almost just feel like going out there and start slogging so you can get to bowling.

As he says, he did not expect such success, but some things came together "I certainly didn't think I'd be batting at seven (for NSW) when (a few years ago) I was going out as nightwatchman and doing Nathan Lyon's job.

It just sort of happened; I worked on my batting, I got better, I got some opportunities back up the order and scored some runs. I'm pretty fortunate that it worked out that way... they saw the way I was batting at training and they backed me in and believed in my ability to go back up the order," he added.

National team

It seems that the national team is what he loves the most and that he is ready to do everything for the success of the team "If there's an opportunity to bat higher up the order and the selectors and Painey think I can do that job, I won't even think twice about it.

I'd definitely say... if a bowling spot came up, I'd be more in line for that one as opposed to someone who can bat at six or seven. But we'll have to wait and see." Some people helped him to be motivated enough and ready to play "It got to a period this winter where we didn't need to train, we were ready to go but we would just talk about being comfortable when we're most uncomfortable in games and enjoying the contest.

It was almost like therapy in a way to go and just chat with Tommy. But I think that has definitely helped, all the work that we've done has helped maybe gain a yard (of pace) but also sustain that for long periods of time.

You want to be at your best on day four when the wickets are flat and you've to take 10 wickets to win a game."