Langer thinks that it will be clear to him who will play only after the first match

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Langer thinks that it will be clear to him who will play only after the first match

Justin Langer will choose Joe Burns for the next game and will remain consistent with his choice. Some believe Will Pucovski should get a chance "Last time we played Test cricket, we loved the combination of Joe Burns and David Warner.

They've got a real synergy or chemistry. They work well together. So, at this point I'll say that that'll remain the same," said Langer on Friday (November 13), as quoted by criccbuzz "There used to be a saying that it's harder to get out of the side than it is to get into the Australian cricket team.

It's actually really important because when guys have done a really good job for us - like in this case that Joe and Davey did for us last summer, there's a reason we're ranked the No.1 Team in Test cricket at the moment.

Those sorts of partnerships are really important, so we should never underestimate that," he added. It seems that the final decision will be made only after their first game "It's always nice when going into a Test match to know as far out as possible for the players who will play.

Things can change, but I would say you will have a better idea who will open in the first Test match after that first Australia A game. Those guys (Burns and Pucovski) will probably play, one of them, perhaps both of them, certainly I'll say one of them, the one that we decide on who'll open in the first Test will probably come to Adelaide after the first Australia A game.

That's the fact and that's what we're looking at. I wouldn't say it's a bat-off," he explained.

Will Pucovski

He thinks that Pucovski is great and that there is no stable team without young players.

Pucovski is in great shape and that is what they need "He's (Pucovski) been amazing, hasn't he. That's what we're looking for. We want guys who are outside of the team to bang so hard you can't ignore them.

And the fact is that Will's been so good, we can't ignore him," said Langer. "Will Pucovski is doing everything humanly possible to play the first Test match. But that's what we have to weigh up. And we should never underestimate the guy (Burns), the job the guys have done to get us to where we are.

and that philosophy and attitude has been a really strong part of the success of Australian cricket for a long time. We went through a period when there were lots of ins and outs, and in my view we should back the guys in there. that can change, but it's a pretty strong philosophy to stick to," Langer said.