Pat Cummins give an update on his injury


Pat Cummins give an update on his injury
Pat Cummins give an update on his injury

Pat Cummins recently suffered a wrist injury in the final test match with England. Cummins will take some time to recover fully, and he should make it to South Africa for the ODI series before it ends. Cummins is ruled out of the T20 and the ODI series, however he shall resume playing for the upcoming series against India.

Cummins still feels the pain during his training sessions, but on a brighter note, he expects to get recovered soon. The 3 match ODI series between India and Australia is scheduled to take place from 22nd September to 27th September; after which both teams will be ready to show up for World Cup 2023.

Pat Cummins talks about his injury

In a recent interview, Pat Cummins spoke about his injury and Mitchell Marsh's contributions made to team Australia. "It hurt day one when I did it and it hurt a lot when I was batting, but I didn't think it was too bad," Cummins said as quoted by

"Then with each day it got a little bit sorer so I knew it was probably bone as opposed to a muscle (issue)." "I'll head over to South Africa at the back-end of that leg. But we're probably looking more at those one-dayers ahead of the World Cup.

Cummins further said: It shouldn't be too bad. Another few weeks and it'll be right." "I haven't thought about it too much to be honest, we will play this World Cup and then assess it after that. The good thing is we've got a few options.

(Marsh) is probably the most obvious one if he's doing the T20s as well. He's always been a huge member of the team, a real leader, as a captain, that's what you want, a guy that's going out there, taking the game on, someone we can all get behind.

Off the field, he's just a great people-person. His energy's infectious, he's great to hang around with, always good fun".