Rohit Sharma wants Jasprit Bumrah to be more active before World Cup begins

Rohit Sharma shares his thoughts on Jasprit Bumrah's much awaited return.

by Aryan Lakhani
Rohit Sharma wants Jasprit Bumrah to be more active before World Cup begins

The long-lost Jasprit Bumrah has been inactive for quite a while now; he last played in September 2022; the good news is that the wait comes to an end as he most likely will be added to the squad for Team India’s upcoming matches against Ireland.

Bumrah has missed out 3 massive events during his time off; he missed the Asia Cup 2022, T20 world cup and IPL 2023. Bumrah had to withdraw from playing because of a severe back injury, he is much better than before, and it will be interesting to see when he announces his return.

If Bumrah does not make a return for the Ireland series, he will have a difficult time adjusting himself to the playing XI, and we can then expect him to play directly for the Asia Cup 2023. Captain Rohit Sharma recognizes the gaping holes that Bumrah has to fill in and wants to see him play more matches so he can be 100% ready to play for the world cup.

Rohit Sharma’s thoughts on Jasprit Bumrah’s return

During a recent press conference, Captain Rohit Sharma shared his thoughts on Jasprit Bumrah’s inactivity and explained why he wants to see him more active before the world cup begins.

“The amount of experience he (Bumrah) brings is very important. Right now he’s coming from a serious injury and I’ve no idea if he’ll travel to Ireland because the team hasn’t been announced yet”.

Sharma said as quoted by “If he gets to play then it’s good and we hope he plays before the World Cup. Sharma further said: When a player returns from a serious injury, match fitness, match feeling are some key components, which are missing.

We’ll see what has been planned and everything depends on his recovery. We are in constant touch with the NCA and things look positive at the moment”.

Rohit Sharma