Josh Hazlewood does not want the rain to stop: "it'd be great to lose a few overs"

Josh Hazlewood shares his thoughts on rain stopping the game.

by Aryan Lakhani
Josh Hazlewood does not want the rain to stop: "it'd be great to lose a few overs"

Day 4 of the intense test match between England and Australia has been put on pause due to rain; definitely not a very pleasant moment for fans worldwide watching this match. However, Josh Hazlewood and Team Australia are hoping for the rain to continue, as it could substantially benefit them.

Marnus Labushagne has a lot of work to do after the match resumes; he is currently at 44*(88); he must add a lot more runs to ensure that the Aussies survive the day. A strong partnership coupled with patient striking will get Team Australia through day 4.

According to the forecasts, the rain is going to last for a lot longer, and it will be interesting to see when the match resumes.

Josh Hazlewood's thoughts on the rain

Josh Hazlewood shares his thoughts on the stoppage and reveals that he looks forward to losing overs.

Here's exactly what he said: "I'd be very pleased," Hazlewood said, as quoted by "It's obviously a forecast but forecasts can change all the time. Obviously, rain and light plays a big part in cricket and has done forever.

So, yeah, it'd be great to lose a few overs here and there, and make our job a little easier if I'm hanging in there". England needs to fight; a few more wickets will flip the game over and revive England's chances of winning the series.

As for now, Australia is leading (2-1), and England is only 6 wickets away from levelling up. Johnny Bairstow firm-mindedly looks forward to getting 6 more wickets: "Coming in, if there is a bit of weather around, maybe some overheads, you'd like to hope we're able to create some chances," Bairstow said, as quoted by

"The weathermen have been right, the weathermen have been wrong, who knows what's going to happen? We'll still turn up with the same mindset and that will be to try and take another six wickets".