Will Pucovski will play cricket again after a break caused by mental problems

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Will Pucovski will play cricket again after a break caused by mental problems

Will Pucovski, a young 22-year-old Australian player, recently decided to take a break from the cricket scene due to mental problems he had. Now, after a while, he seems to have decided to come back and play again "I see how far I've come and how much closer I am to being ready for that next level and I'm at a stage now where I feel I actually am, and truly believe I'd have the mental processes and capabilities to get there," Pucovski said, as quoted by criccbuzz "..

It has been a journey and it still is well and truly a journey. I'm still working on that sort of stuff every day and I'm doing different things to improve my life. I look back on it and I go, 'I've made so many strides in those two years, but I've still got so far to go.

I want to keep improving and I want to play for Australia and I want to do it for a long time, but I need to do probably more work than your Average Joe to make sure I'm mentally in a headspace that can deal with all that stuff.

An interesting comparison was given by the young player "If someone's got a dodgy hamstring they've got to do extra hamstring rehab exercises. My brain has probably been through a bit more than your average 22-year-old's, so I've got to do a bit more rehab on that to make sure I give myself the best chance to succeed at that level one day.

".. It's been quite an interesting journey so far but I feel like it's only the start, which is good."

Wake-up call

The young player seems to have suffered a lot for his age and as if he had to come to this in order to change his way of life "I'm glad it happened because it was that wake-up call.

And once I'd pulled out and officially pulled the pin, I remember writing down everything that came to my mind about what had got me to where I was at that stage of my life. I just went, 'I'm coming after this,'" he said.

"From there, (I thought), 'now this is it, this is the line in the sand where this is going to be my story. Where it's happened to me twice to a degree, and the third time I'm going to come back and really dominate this thing."

"..I'm going to make sure I'm in the right space. That's not to say I'm in the perfect space now, but again I'm a lot further down the line than I was last year and I know probably now through experience that it's going to be an up and down sort of journey.

"On some cricket days, I'm going to wake up and think, 'why am I doing this?' But I do know why. At the end of the day, I know how rewarding it is for me personally."