Pat Cummins on the WTC final: I'll be aiming to play all six

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Pat Cummins on the WTC final: I'll be aiming to play all six
Pat Cummins on the WTC final: I'll be aiming to play all six

Australia captain Pat Cummins is extremely motivated before tomorrow's 2023 ICC World Test Championship final. Their opponent will be India, which also wants to win the trophy. In an interview with the media, Cummins talked about whether he will be able to play all 6 Test matches.

It will be difficult, but not impossible. "I mean it's a balance," Cummins said, as quoted by "I've been exhausted and depleted before but still got up and felt like I did a really good job. But if that kind of comes up at any stage, of course, it's a conversation...

I'll be aiming to play all six and there's some good breaks in between kind of every batch of two Tests matches here. So I think it's manageable. But obviously Cam Green helps out a little bit as well with the amount of overs he can bowl."

Pat Cummins and Test matches

This will be Cummins' 50th Test.

The Australian captain emphasized how difficult it is to play such matches. Pressure, fatigue, and sometimes bad conditions; It all affects you. "Longevity, I always look at as big of an achievement as average or strike rates or anything to do with performance.

Test cricket is tough. You play all around the world, different conditions. Physically, it is demanding. So as a fast bowler to play 50, it is something to be pretty proud of. Particularly because for five or six years it felt like [another] Test match was a long way away." Cummins had many difficult moments in his career.

After his Test debut, he waited another 5 years for his next performance. The reason for this is the pain in his back which caused him enormous problems. However, patience and dedication paid off in the end. "I thought getting back into Test cricket was so far away for a lot of that," he said.

"I felt that maybe I could play a T20 or one-day cricket, but my body - [after] 10 overs a day I would wake up and felt like I had a car crash. Looking back now, all the physios and people who went through this before me were spot on.

Stay patient, you will turn a corner and be right. But when you're in your fifth cycle of stress fractures, 50 Tests feels like a long way away."