Ebadot Hossain on white ball cricket transition

" When I made my debut, one thing was there in my mind that I have to make a noteworthy start"

by Sead Dedovic
Ebadot Hossain on white ball cricket transition

Bangladesh pace bowler Ebadot Hossain spoke to cricbuzz about white-ball cricket and the transition he had. Hossain has been dreaming about this for a long time. "Even when I was a Test bowler, I was thinking how I could play white-ball cricket and I was keen on developing myself as a white-ball bowler.

When I made my debut, one thing was there in my mind that I have to make a noteworthy start."-he said, as quoted by cricbuzz.com


His adaptation is a fascinating story. Much has been said about white-ball cricket with some more experienced people.

He focused primarily mentally on all that, and he knew that things would be different for him. "When I was playing Tests, there was Ottis Gibson. I used to talk a lot with him in this regard (areas that need to be honed to play white-ball cricket).

He (Gibson) used to say that the way I am seeing you what I feel is that you can do well in one-day and even Russell Domingo told me that I am very close to claiming a spot in the ODI setup. From that point, I have been preparing mentally but at the same time I was determined to make an unbelievable start because if you see for the last two and a half years the way our fast bowlers are working hard and at the same time improved their skill to do well in the ODIs.

That was always there at the back of my mind that there is a very healthy competition among fast bowlers in the ODIs and I need to be ahead of that competition. So my target was to become the first pick among the pacers in ODIs and I was working with that mindset.

I had certain fitness to play Test but I was determined to increase my fitness level to handle the pressure of ODIs and discussed with Nick (strength and conditioning coach) in this regard." Test and ODIs are a big difference and it is not the same to be part of two different competitions.

Hossain talked about the differences. "In Test, I was focused on my accuracy because I always wanted to bowl in the same area for long period of time. I worked on how I can keep bowling with the same pace throughout the day.

For that I had to work hard on my fitness. Because I could bowl fast in Tests, when I was picked for the ODIs our captain Tamim Iqbal asked me to bowl fast and aggressive. I was quite ok with that because the only thing that I can do is bowl fast and aggressively and if the captain wants that from me why shouldn't I deliver. The captain given me the freedom to bowl to my strength in the ODIs and I am just following that."