Stuart Broad: I want the Ashes series to inspire kids like 2005 did

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Stuart Broad: I want the Ashes series to inspire kids like 2005 did
Stuart Broad: I want the Ashes series to inspire kids like 2005 did (Provided by Sport World News)

There are high expectations for this year's Ashes series from the fans. England pacer Stuart Broad is another one of those who is impatiently waiting for the series and hopes that it will be a real spectacle just like it was 18 years ago.

"I feel like I've experienced so much Ashes cricket I can sit here and say 'actually I really want it to be a tight series'," Broad told in an interview with DailyMail, as quoted by "I want the game to grow and I want people to love Test cricket and the way the England team are playing.

It's fun and if kids watch it they will want to play. So, what would be better than to be coming here to the Oval at 2-2 with the Ashes on the line and all the intrigue that would come with it. How amazing would that be?"

Stuart Broad on the Ashes seres

The statement he made regarding 2-2 was misunderstood by many people.

Broad is a man who likes the excitement factor and wants their match to attract huge attention just like the one 18 years ago. A team like theirs has the strength to make an impact on the field and they know they can put on a show like no other.

"That's not me saying I want to lose games. I just want the whole series to grip the nation and inspire kids the way 2005 did. I want our players to take positive options at all times and, if there's a day we get bowled out for a hundred, it is what it is.

As long as the next day we come back with the same intent and become even more aggressive and entertain even more." Broad is a man who likes to play without pressure and his main goal is to have fun. When you play in such a way, then you can expect good results, especially when it comes to younger players who have a harder time dealing with pressure.

"The mindset of the group and what Baz [Brendon McCullum] has brought in is that the result is irrelevant. It's entertainment we're here for. And when you add that mind-set, because there is so much talent in the group, the performances are really good."