David Warner was not happy with his team's play

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David Warner was not happy with his team's play

David Warner is unhappy with his team’s play that failed to show what they previously knew. A disappointing defeat and it will certainly not be easy for them after this defeat. They will have to find the motivation to come back with victories and finally show how good they are "It was very disappointing.

Obviously we didn't get the job done, probably complacent in the middle (overs), we didn't take the game on enough like we did in the previous game. I think we probably felt that we were going to get the runs easily, and then we sort of let the balls get ahead of the runs.

That's what happens in a game of cricket. If you give the opposition a sniff, it (the game) can get taken from you very fast," Warner said.


Warner is dissatisfied with the weather conditions that affected his game, but also the game of the whole team.

The pitch seemed to be causing them problems and they just couldn’t find the right pace because of such conditions "It (pitch) slowed down but the outfield got very wet. So from that point of view, you should know, as a batter, some of the conditions.

The ball was going to be slow off the wicket, so you just have to assess that. Hard lengths were obviously going to be hard to hit. When you're chasing a total that's very achievable and you are ahead in the game, you should be able to manipulate the field, rotate strike, get ones - we just didn't do that," analysed Warner.

He says last night's game reminded him of his high school days and the way he used to play back then. It probably all looked weird but Warner is positive and no one doubts his team will start playing well "I was going back to my old school days.

I was opening my front legs and just taking on the powerplay. Something I haven't done for a long time. It's one of those things where I felt that the best part of the powerplay was to go after their main bowler who swings the ball, and he is a very good bowler, is Shami.

So I just tried to apply a bit of pressure. Yeah, it's fair to say that I've probably been quite reserved (with the batting) in the last few years. So it was nice to open the front leg and show that I've still got that," he added.