Chris Morris is grateful to the medical staff for returning to the field

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Chris Morris is grateful to the medical staff for returning to the field

Chris Morris spoke out after his stomach injury and is very grateful to the medical team for their reaction "Give me somebody who doesn't like the feeling of being wanted - whether in sport, in a relationship or just in life in general," Morris says, as quoted by criccbuzz "It's just nice to feel important.

The medical staff were incredible. For them to get me back on the park first of all was really good. "I've never had that type of injury before. It was a new thing for me. I got it while I was batting, I wasn't hit by the ball or anything, I just hit a shot and tweaked a stomach muscle."

"It's the first time I've done that. So I didn't know what to expect. How long it was going to take. We worked really hard, the medical staff, myself... It was a tough four and half weeks. We grafted in the gym, we grafted on treatment tables."

"It was day in, day out. I had the machine in my room treating myself throughout the night. Literally I would wake up every two hours and ice myself throughout the night. It was a hard graft and here we are. We are happy to be playing.

As a medical team, they were all happy I could get back on the field and play."


Morris has had a couple of great games in which he has shown his class, and the position in which he plays seems to be the key to his success "Ah, I think I'm in a blessed position, to be honest," he philosophies.

"So, there are high pressure points that you want to be in as a cricketer. That's where you want to get tested as a cricketer. You get to bowl fast, bowl yorkers and smash sixes (laughs). " "What more do you want? I have been very fortunate.

I haven't been really smacked (around in IPL) yet, but that's going to come unfortunately. That's the nature of the beast -- the IPL." "I just have to keep my clarity. The moment you lose clarity of what you want to do, that's when everything gets side-tracked.

The bounce-back ability needs to be good. As a new-ball and death bowler, you are going to get hit for six, you will get inside-edges for fours. It is about how you fix the next ball." " If the next ball gets hit for a six, then just bowl the next, keep repeating, give your best.

You have to continue to get better. Like I said, I've been very lucky, I have got wickets, I haven't been hit for runs. I hope it continues, if it doesn't it is about how you limit it. It is a tough game, but I enjoy doing it."