Kagiso Rabada believes in his team despite their poor form

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Kagiso Rabada believes in his team despite their poor form

The Delhi Capitals' lost the third game in a row and most feel that panic has crept into their team. However, their player Kagiso Rabada denied such allegations "I don't know if I would call it a wake-up call.

Um, it's just a loss and you know, losses do happen. So it's not about panicking and trying to reinvent the wheel. We need to assess where we felt we went wrong, which we have done already," said Rabada in a press conference, as quoted by criccbuzz "We know losses can happen.

So it's just about getting back up and getting ready for the next game. Having identified what we have done wrong and also what we have done right. And make those minor adjustments," he said.

Rabada on Shreyas

Rabada also praised his team captain Shreyas Iyer who is one of the key players in their team and surely without him they would not be the same team "Shreyas's is just a normal guy, he's chilled out.

So when we get on the field, he is the captain and he, and he has to make decisions as well, but at least there are some senior players and I'm sure Ricky is helping him a lot and other senior players around the team where we can discuss a few things.

So it's a very liberal environment. It's not a dictatorship which is probably one of the reasons we've been really successful. So we've got all the tools around him and I think he's used them well so far."

Rabada also commented on the conditions they have during the matches and believes that it is not at all easy to play in the same places, but that it does not have to be a decisive factor. "The conditions yeah, have been quite tricky because we're playing at the same venues, but you know, you play on fresh wickets at certain times and sometimes on used wickets and they all play quite differently.

I mean, Sharjah, in the beginning, was really flat and then it sort of slowed down and the par score went from about 210, uh, to about 180. "And, in Dubai, the scores at the beginning were about 180 and they've sort of stayed the same.

So now you're getting scores of 170, 160. But you know, it is a little bit different. I feel that there is some seam movement sometimes. Especially if you have a look at last night's game in Abu Dhabi where the ball has been seaming around," said Rabada.