Mitchell Starc ready to return despite injury


Mitchell Starc ready to return despite injury

Australia pacer Mitchell Starc is ready for the third Test. However, discomfort in his injured finger can be a big problem for him. "If I only played when I was at 100% I would have only played five or 10 Tests," Starc said, as quoted by

"I'm happy with where it's at and I've built up enough of a pain threshold to deal with that stuff over the last 10 or 12 years." However, Starc emphasized that the finger should not bother him during the match. Despite that, he will give his maximum for the team.

"Nothing physically in terms of what the finger does, there's not the same amount of movement in it. It's more the discomfort of the joint being restricted having been in a splint for six weeks and still having to be in a splint for another couple of weeks yet.

That's probably the only part - dealing with the discomfort of it, getting the mobility back into it. That'll come over the next couple of weeks and it's progressed again, it's progression each day I bowl. It's not a concern for me, the comfort levels - it's doing what I need it to do to be available to play."

Mitchell Starc

Starc is satisfied with his body and readiness.

What is most important is that the team and fans can expect to see the 'real' Starc. "I had 10 days off when I first did the injury and then I've been bowling since. workload wise, body-wise no concern at all, I'm comfortable and happy with where my numbers are, where my body is at preparing for this series and then obviously not having the first two Tests to continue that as well.

In that regard very happy with where it's all at, now it's just an execution of skills having had a break from game time."