Josh Hazlewood gives update on injury and potential return


Josh Hazlewood gives update on injury and potential return

Josh Hazlewood will probably not be part of the first and second matches of the Test Series due to his Achilles injury, from which he has not yet fully recovered. Hazlewood revealed when they could expect his return "Not sure about the first Test.

It's still a few days away but it's sneaking up pretty quickly. Second one is obviously straight after as well. So, we'll play it by ear over the next week and next few days and hopefully Tuesday goes well," Hazlewood said, as quoted by His recovery did not go as he expected.

At some points, he probably took a risk, but things could turn out well for him. "Just a bit of workload management at the moment. Just managing the Achilles. I was bowling a fair bit leading into the tour at home and sort of just pushing up against it.

Probably wasn't recovering as well as I would have liked between each session so thought we'd give it a few days here straight of the bat and try and get over the hump and have a bowl from Tuesday on (in Nagpur) and hope it goes well," he said.

South Africa and injury

The rainy Sydney Test against South Africa was probably the cause of his injury. "It's still lingering from the (Sydney) Test match probably. We obviously bowled after a lot of rain and the jump-offs were quite soft, where we were taking off from and they ended up replacing them as well.

It sort of worked to a degree. But just that extra load jumping off a soft ground to bowl and again first Test match. Your body is not used to that sort of workload as well." Hazlewood has played 4 test series in the last two years, but one match in each.

"It's been frustrating playing one Test at a time. It always feels the hardest Test to play, the first one and they sort of get easier as they go and you get to the other side, the end of the series, it gets hard again. Hopefully I can string a couple together on this tour," he said.