Chandrakant Pandit on Hanuma Vihari: Rare exhibition of courage and dedication


Chandrakant Pandit on Hanuma Vihari: Rare exhibition of courage and dedication

Hanuma Vihari impressed everyone with his fighting spirit and game, despite breaking his wrist in the Ranji Trophy game. The coach of the opposing team didn't forget to praise Hanuma. "That is a rare exhibition of courage and dedication," said Chandrakant Pandit, as quoted by "These kinds of acts for your side and rising to the demands of the team's situation are unforgettable and hats off to Hanuma.

He is a role model for the youngsters in our country,"- he continued. He believes that this kind of commitment to the team and willingness to fight despite a broken wrist speaks volumes about the greatness of the players. "What I feel is immaterial but what I want to tell you is what I have told my players in the Madhya Pradesh dressing room.

I have asked them to raise their hats off to the guy. The way he has shown commitment for the side is second to none. That dedication he has displayed is something everyone should learn and practise," Pandit said.

Chandrakant Pandit on injured players

Pandit recalled several players who did the same.

Indeed, these can be called heroic acts. When you see a player who is ready to play even under injury for his team, then you should protect him. "I mentioned to my boys that Gaurav Yadav bowled with a swollen knee (in the same match).

Gaurav did a similar act in the final of the Ranji Trophy last year too when he had a head injury. I remember Sunil Gavaskar batting for the Mumbai side left-handed against Karnataka in a Ranji game on a rank turner I can also recall Dilip Vengsarkar playing with an injured chest.

He had many bruises on his chest and still went on to play in a Ranji game. I myself played once against Rajasthan with a fractured finger. Those days physios were not instantly available for us. I have seen Malcolm Marshall bat with an injured hand on TV against England and in the same way I remember Anil Kumble doing that against the West Indies with his jaw in bandage," Pandit recalled.