Dawid Warner: I'm quite tired, exhausted


Dawid Warner: I'm quite tired, exhausted

After the Sydney Thunder exit from the BBL, Dawid Warner is one of the players who is exhausted and needs a rest. The season was difficult and tiring. "It's been challenging," Warner said, as quoted by cricbuzz. "I'm quite tired, exhausted." The Cricket Australia awards have spoiled many people's plans.

"There are a few guys who have gone to the UAE League, which aren't going to the Cricket Australia awards," Warner said. "From my perspective, that would've been nice to have had another night at home. But it is what it is." Warner gave his best for the team and wanted to help, but it wasn't enough.

He hopes that he can provide a lot more. "You're not really trying to negate the spinning ball, it's a white ball as well," Warner said of the BBL. "For me, it was about coming back and trying to inject some energy into the Thunder team and trying to put my best foot forward for the team.

It hasn't come off this year. Hopefully next year I can come out and be a little bit fresher than what I am at the moment. It's going to be a long lead-in to our summer [that includes the ODI World Cup in India]. From a personal point of view, I'm going to have to try and work out how to stay nice and fresh."

Brian Lara will be the new mentor

And now a little about the other side.

Brian Lara will be the new 'performance mentor' of the West Indies. After long talks, Lara believes that he can be of great help to the team and is happy about his new role. "Having spent time with the players and coaches in Australia and in discussions with CWI, I really believe that I can help the players with their mental approach to the game and with their tactics to be more successful," Lara said.