Jos Buttler played a great match again

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Jos Buttler played a great match again

Joss Butler had a great game and many had only words of praise for him. One of them is his colleague Steve Smith is happy with the match and especially Butler who was phenomenal in his position "Obviously those wickets [the first three] weren't ideal.

The pitch was a little bit stoppy so it was just about trying to get ourselves in, form a partnership," Smith noted in the press conference." "I know that if I am going to be batting with Jos, Jos is going to be scoring at a good rate.

He hits the ball hard and into gaps. He played some really good cricket shots tonight. So for me, it was just about being busy, getting him on strike and ticking it over. We were only chasing 120-odd, so there was no need to take any big risks, just form a partnership and it'll get easier.

Then we were able to put our foot down a little bit towards the end and get the victory without getting it too close towards the end. Happy with the two points," he added.

Positive mind

How many times have experts said it’s all in our brains? This fact is even more important if we consider the world of sports.

A positive approach to each match gives a much better chance of success. So it was this time as well "I think he just came out with a really positive mindset. Took the game on by playing his shots, hit the ball nice and hard and just his mindset was really positive.

Made things a lot easier for me at the other end. I was able to get myself into my innings and we could afford to do that chasing only 120-odd. It was a nice positive, and it was really nice to bat with Jos." "It's an interesting one.

Jos is obviously an unbelievable player at the top. I also believe he's got capabilities to do what AB de Villiers, and Pollards and Hardik Pandyas, guys like that can do at the back end. Smith is happy to have such a player in the team and considers it a pleasure to play with such players "I think those kinds of players win you games at the backend so it's a difficult one.

I know Jos loves batting up top as well. That conversation is a difficult one. But he provides such great stability in the middle. The power and innovation he's got is second to none so we're very lucky to have a player like Jos and the ability he's got in our line-up and the versatility he's got in his batting as well."