Iftikhar Ahmed on BPL and 'young blood'

"Here the quality of cricket is very high so no matter how you try to put it in words"

by Sead Dedovic
Iftikhar Ahmed on BPL and 'young blood'

Iftikhar Ahmed spoke to cricbuzz about his career and challenges. At the very start, cricbuzz reporters were interested in Ahmed's assessment of the BPL "I am really feeling nice and enjoying it. Here the quality of cricket is very high so no matter how you try to put it in words as far as standard is concerned it will be less.

I am playing BPL for the first time while I have played couple of leagues but I am really enjoying here."- Ahmed said. Ahmed was talking about what a team must have if it wants to succeed. "A lot depends on the team management.

How strong they are and how strong your captain is and how he keeps the environment. Look we lost the first match but I still remember the thing Shakib [al Hasan] said after the game. Shakib was saying that this team is one of the best teams of this tournament.

You don't have to think that we have lost the game and we are going down. We are a good team and we will have a good finish. In my opinion the captain plays a big role as far as picking up the momentum is concerned and the team management also plays a big part.

We are playing as a family and that is the reason we are successful."

Iftikhar Ahmed and young players

Ahmed is great in T20 cricket. However, the need for young blood can be a great danger for him. Still, he doesn't think too much about it.

"Look cricket has got nothing to do with age and it is all about performance. If you want Under-19 kids, then bring them. How many players do you want from Under-19 or say how many players do you want from Under-16 or say how many young players do you want in your team? Because whole Pakistan is filled with young cricketers.

You have to pick players who will perform for you and help you win the games from certain positions. If you want young players why doesn't Pakistan team play only young players? Why don't they play kids from Under-16? If you look around the world, whether it is India, Australia or other teams you will see players are picked after 30s and why is that? Because after 30, players get mentally strong and they start performing. Look there is hardly anything in what people are saying."