Rohit Sharma supported R Ashwin's suggestion

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Rohit Sharma supported R Ashwin's suggestion
Rohit Sharma supported R Ashwin's suggestion (Provided by Sport World News)

R Ashwin gave a great suggestion for which he got huge support. The Indian believes that the World Cup games must be held earlier because of the dew. Sharma supports such a suggestion. "It's a good idea," Rohit said, as quoted by "It's a World Cup, so you don't want to compromise too much on the toss factor, you want to completely take that away.

I like that idea of an early start. But I don't know if that's possible. The broadcasters will decide what time the game has to start. But ideally you don't want any sort of advantages in the game. You want to see good cricket being played without one having an advantage of batting under lights with the dew.

But those are the things that are not in your control. But I like the idea of an early start."

Rohit Sharma and his team

As per Sharma's vision, his team should progress and succeed in the future as they work towards achieving what is expected from them.

"We just want to keep improving as a team and try to fine-tune all the things that we have in front of us - in terms of batting, bowling and fielding as well," Rohit Sharma continued. He believes that an interesting challenge and a quality team await them.

"Great opportunity...great opposition, so we can challenge ourselves to come out and achieve what we want to achieve as a team here. We saw New Zealand is a very good team, they are coming off a good series victory in Pakistan.

Obviously they are playing some good cricket, so it'll be challenging for us to come out and execute what we want to execute. In terms of Ishan, he'll be batting in the middle order. I'm glad he could get a run here after that fine knock in Bangladesh."