Marnus Labuschagne on the fight against Ravichandran Ashwin

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Marnus Labuschagne on the fight against Ravichandran Ashwin

Marnus Labuschagne will have a big challenge in his career, considering that he will face Ravichandran Ashwin in the upcoming Test Series in India. Labuschagne made certain changes considering that he did not have a positive experience before.

"Since then [the last series] I've already started thinking," Labuschagne said, as quoted by "I've changed some of my game because of what I've heard about Ashwin and how he bowled to me. I've adapted my game to try and foil a few of his ideas and ways he goes about it, so it's going to be a lovely game of chess and I can't wait for it." Labuschagne did his best to prepare for this match.

He took into account all factors that could influence. "The preparation starts so far back," Labuschagne said. "People think, right now it's Big Bash then you start thinking - but the thinking happens way ahead. You start processing everything in your mind, you go through every scenario of what bowler you are going to come across.

I've already thought about my plans, so now it's just about executing. Finding out, 'That works, that doesn't work. How can that part of my game fit in?', and just piece the puzzle together and make sure the puzzle is ready when it's game time.

That's the key, and that's how all preparation happens."


There is optimism in the team because they are aware of their qualities. However, now they have a very difficult challenge and they will have to do their best.

"We're always talking about that game and what's to come and how we're going to go about it," Labuschagne said. "Think the important part is that once we get there, we've already gone through all the scenarios and that's where his experience and a lot of the other guy's experience will become very helpful.

I can't wait, so excited for the next 10 Test matches. We've played really well, people know we are very good at home, very tough to beat...but the challenge we have going two away series in a row, that's going to be awesome.

I can't wait for the challenge against spin in India and can't wait for the challenge of Bazball versus Ronball."