Team Southee disappointed after drawn series against Pakistan

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Team Southee disappointed after drawn series against Pakistan

Tim Southee, the New Zealand player is disappointed after the drawn series against Pakistan. He expected more from his team, but they have to accept this outcome. "You play to win Test matches and we got ourselves in, probably, positions to win both of them.

It was pretty tough going but the guys toiled away and we were one ball away from a series victory. So yeah, disappointing to walk away [with a drawn series] and I'm sure Pakistan are the same. You walk away, you toil away for 10 days and a drawn series.

A lot of good cricket was played in and amongst those 10 days," said Southee at the press conference, as quoted by

Pakistan pitches

Although the pitches in Pakistan were the main topic, Southee is not that disappointed with what he had to see.

"We felt the surfaces was still a pretty good surface if you wanted to just bat. Tough if you wanted to score runs. So it was a bit of a balancing act to try and get the right amount of overs left and the right amount of runs.

And I guess to get a little dip at them [2.5 overs] last night and get them two down, that was a great start." Having declared late on Day 4, New Zealand bowled just 2.5 overs in which they picked up two wickets. "I guess you always look back and there's ways you could improve and you could get better with hindsight.

But that was a decision we made at the time. The guys that were batting felt that it wasn't easy to just go out and hit the ball. So it was one of those ones that you had to weigh up. Last night we declared and made the most of the three overs we had." Australia has a lot of potential and great players in its roster. However, they have to confirm this on the pitch. We will see how they will play in the future.