KL Rahul on 'tough' match against Bangladesh and Shreyas

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KL Rahul on 'tough' match against Bangladesh and Shreyas

KL Rahul commented on his team's performance as they secured their second win against Bangladesh. The match was tough, but the Indians showed character. It is about a great team that can do a lot. "Tough game. Happy that we got the job done.

We were in a bit of trouble and there was a bit of pressure and nervousness in the dressing room. Really happy that Ashwin and Shreyas got that partnership that got us the victory. Conditions were tough and that is what makes Test cricket fun," Rahul said.

When someone is performing consistently for you, it is very heartening. He [Shreyas Iyer] has been around for a long time and has had to wait for his opportunities and really happy to see that when has had those opportunities, he has grabbed them with both hands"- Rahul continued.

KL Rahul: Shreyas is doing the job for the team

Shreyas was one of the better ones. He looked great, and the partnership between him and Ashwin was especially great. Shreyas has been having a lot of problems lately. However, everyone knows what qualities these are.

He showed it many times, and he will show it. "He is doing the job for the team and the way he played today was phenomenal. He made it look really easy. There was pressure and there was a bit of panic in the dressing room. But it didn't look like there was any panic when we were watching Shreyas bat," Rahul said.

"With Ashwin, he had a really good partnership. He has played really well in the last 15 months to two years. He has done really well for us and then he had the injury and went away for a bit. He had to really wait for his turn again and has been really patient.

His journey hasn't been easy. The way he is batting is phenomenal." India has always had a promising team and great talents. A mix of experience and youth is always a good combination.