Allan Donald on Shakib's availability


Allan Donald on Shakib's availability

Allan Donald, Bangladesh's pace bowling coach delighted Bangladeshi fans after announcing that Shakib will be fit. "Any selectors here? (laughs) If I am talking out of the room a little bit, it will be the same three spinners and welcoming back Taskin and Khaled as well.

Sorry to the selectors but I am talking out of the room a little bit. That's what I can see happening. Good news is that Shakib is good to go. Looking at the pitch, I think he will very much come into play," he said, as quoted by

Taskin is also ready. He seems excited about the chance he will have. "Taskin is good to go. He wanted to play the last Test but he was very much short of a gallop in terms of rhythm. The build-up in the last Test was crucial for him.

He is looking forward to the contest," he said. It is most important for the team to focus on unity in order to be successful. They want to give more of themselves. Bangladeshi are aware that they have to go one step further. They have quality, but that needs to be confirmed.

"We want to win. It doesn't matter where you play India, you put that in your highest order of achievements. We know 150 didn't cut it for us. We have spoken about the values of our partnership. We need to be much more resilient, which we showed in the second innings.

We are desparate to win. A lot of people including me wants to go home for a delayed Christmas with a win under our belt."

Allan Donald on conditions

Some of the players were praised by Allan Donald. According to him, the conditions are good and this is an opportunity for them to take advantage of everything they can.

"You got one chance to cash in. You win the toss, hopefully bat first, and make 350 or 380. I am guessing what the value of that first innings score might be. Pitch looks fairly dry so you have to cash in first innings. It is your only chance to set the Test match up in the first innings," he said.

"The second innings batting is a blueprint for us. The young man has surprised many. It is the first time I have seen Zakir. I love his attitude, boldness and attacking mindset. He has come to play. He showed that he can take on the very best bowlers. He has been a terrific breath of fresh air. He backs himself," he added