Eoin Morgan and the World Cup victory

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Eoin Morgan and the World Cup victory

Eoin Morgan started watching the World Cup final DVD (trophy won last year) during the lockdown. In reality he had not seen a match until recently, and then saw it three times, trying to make sense of what happened and why.

Morgan said, "It's an incredible day just to sit and watch. The whole day is still tense every time I look at it. Looking back at it, all the steps in the game, it seems like a privilege." In the weeks immediately following the finale Morgan spoke to Kane Williamson, the captain of New Zealand, even twice, and only to talk to him about the game.

Looking at it now, there are times when Morgan thought England could lose that day. One in particular: "Jimmy Neesham throws bowling at Ben Stokes, throws a slower ball and Ben hits it for a long time and the memory that the ball is in the air, and you can see the trajectory of the ball, and you know exactly when you hit it on for the hill, you absolutely have to smoke it to hit it for six.

And it went high and not enough for how much it was appreciated and for a minute I thought: "Here it is, Ben is out, we still need 15 an over. I thought for a split second that he was dead and gone."

A question of sliding-doors

It was a time of sliding doors.

Morgan wonders if he would still be England's captain, if Trento Boult hadn't stopped at the limit when he had taken that ball, that is six instead of out: "This is a good question and one that I don't have the answer to.

The fact that we won or lost is not part of my decision to stay, but obviously it would have been part of that of Ed Smith, Ashley Giles and Tom Harrison." But he likes to think that four years before the tournament also counted something in their way of thinking, that the transformation that made a cricket into England's white ball was worth as much as the final result.

"The way we played in the finale summed up the way we felt in those four years," says Morgan. He was particularly proud of the way they celebrated, claimed to have done it right. He in fact said: "We know what it's like to be beaten in tight parts, how to lose trophies, important parts and I think the humanity shown by both sides on that day was extremely encouraging."

About the respect for Williamson, he said: "He is an incredible boy, a great human being, one of the best players of our generation." He decided to go to the New Zealand locker room to have a beer with him after the game.