Russell Domingo on players' readiness and injuries


Russell Domingo on players' readiness and injuries

Russell Domingo, Bangladesh's head coach, commented on the next challenges of his team, as well as the readiness of individual players. Domingo is careful. "Mominul and Joy last played international cricket six months ago. That's the challenge with one-format players," Domingo said, as quoted by

"Shakib and Litton are playing week in, week out. It is not a big step-up for them. But Mominul and Joy are looking good, the way they are playing. I know the currency is runs, but technically they are looking pretty good. Joy has got a lot of starts, so it is just about finding that tempo and get the big score." Shanto is a player who worries individuals.

However, Domingo believes that Shanto is an excellent player. "He showed good signs in Tests maybe a year and a half ago," Domingo said talking about Shanto. "He scored two centuries including one against Sri Lanka. It is tough for young players in the top order.

Joy and Zakir (Hasan) are not natural openers. They prefer batting at No. 3 or No. 4. We have to be patient with these young players at this level.
Batting one, two and three is probably the hardest job in international cricket. Hopefully they repay the faith, and give the coaches and selectors something to hang on to."

Zakir and Domingo

Zakir could perform as well.

Domingo believes that this time he will show his full potential. "I have been very excited by him (Zakir). He has good energy," Domingo said. "I know he has done well domestically; he has played a T20I for Bangladesh. I like the way he looks to score when he bats.

A little Tamim-like in the way he bats. Nice and positive. Hopefully he can get off to a good, quick start tomorrow."
Domingo has several other players who are under question and he does not want to risk it. "We are not going to risk Taskin in the first Test," Domingo said.

"He has come off a layoff and a few injections. To get him to bowl for a day-and-a-half in these conditions in Chattogram may not be good for him. "(Nurul Hasan) Sohan was fantastic in the West Indies. He has the right character.

Good keeper. Gives us a good competitive edge behind the stumps. Very vocal. Thoroughly deserves his place. I am backing Sohan as a keeper in the Test side. He is the one batter averaging 40 in the Test side; he has done well."