Ben Stokes: To be able to get a result on this type of wicket is just mind-blowing

Ben Stokes singled out a few names after the great victory

by Sead Dedovic
Ben Stokes: To be able to get a result on this type of wicket is just mind-blowing

Ben Stokes is happy with his team's victory in Pakistan (74 run win). Stokes emphasized how important this win is, especially if they take into account the type of wicket. "To be able to get a result on this type of wicket is just mind-blowing," Stokes said, as quoted by

"Just the effort that everyone's managed to put in this whole week is just incredible and I feel very honored and feel in a very privileged position to be able to lead these guys out in the field. Jimmy Anderson said to me before the end of match presentation that he's feeling quite emotional about this win.

So here's a guy who has played 180 Test matches, has experienced everything you know, the highs and lows of Test cricket, and to hear him say that about this particular Test match, I think that really makes you realize how special an achievement this week has been wearing this England shirt.

Some of the things we can't plan for is what happened to the squad before the Test. Seems a long time ago when we were running around to find players for the Test. Will Jacks getting the message three minutes before toss, and Pope getting the gloves."

Ben Stokes is happy about his team

Stokes is happy that his team took this challenge seriously.

They were focused on their task, they gave their maximum, and in the end they were rewarded with a victory. Stokes couldn't help but single out a few names that were great. "We've played 8-9 matches with myself and Brendon in charge.

One thing we try to do is focus on ourselves and not the opposition. We know we're a very exciting team," Stokes said. "We wanted to come here to Pakistan and carry on with our mantra of exciting cricket. I've got no interest in trying to play for a draw, the dressing room has no interest in playing for a draw.

Felt on this kind of wicket, almost had to entice the batsmen to play an attacking shot. Today we were fortunate to get the ball reverse-swinging. James Anderson and Ollie Robinson were fantastic today. We won probably about 8 minutes before we would've come off.

This is probably up there as one of England's greatest away wins." This will be an additional motivation for his team to continue at the same pace and show their strength in the upcoming matches.