Dinesh Karthik on Bangladesh and their fans

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Dinesh Karthik on Bangladesh and their fans

Dinesh Karthik, the Indian cricketer, spoke to circbuzz about many topics, and one of the topics was the rivalry between India and Bangladesh. Karthik feels that Bangladesh has made a lot of progress. "Yeah, we have to understand I think..

along with Afghanistan, the nation that has developed their cricket phenomenally in these last couple of decades has to be Bangladesh. Earlier, they were looked at as a minnow, but I don't think we can call them that anymore, [given] the way they have been upping their credentials in white-ball cricket especially.

And the fact that over a period of time they have pushed India in a lot of matches. You know they have beaten us sometimes, but more often than not they have pushed us down the wire.. obviously [it] shows the way they have improved.

You have to understand that the wickets they play on [are] pretty similar to India a lot of times - black soil wickets with not so much bounce - so they obviously feel at home in India to a large degree. But, they are very good players of spin and over a period of time they have developed their ability to play fast bowling as well.

But overall as a nation I think, they have really upped the way they have played their cricket in the last couple of decades, without a doubt."

Dinesh Karthik on favorite match

Karthik also recalled the best moment from the match with Bangladesh "For me personally, I think the Nidahas Trophy final..

there was a lot riding on it and interestingly they had developed a very big rivalry with Sri Lanka, which enabled all of SL to support India, which meant that there was a full house and every person in that ground was supporting India and it was a fabulous match..

a curtain-ending game for the season and what a final it was! I think it was a young team, we had a lot of debutantes going into that series and we really played well as a unit." What impresses many is the Bangladesh fans who are fanatical and show great love for their cricket team.

"I think the Bangladesh fans are the strength of the Bangladesh cricket team and I say that because even in a country like Australia where we just played the World Cup, there were big numbers of people turning out for a Bangladesh games.

Sometimes for the host nation, the crowd was less but for the Bangladesh games it went full. And they have developed a fabulous rivalry with Sri Lanka in the recent past.. and the fact that even the India game they really pushed us in that game as well, so..

it is a terrific cricketing nation and a lot of credit to them because of the passion, it is seen through in the way they play their cricket. They, like India, are under enormous pressure when they go to ICC tournaments as well..

to play to a certain level and it is fabulous to see. I think it is fair to say that the Asian fans make up a large chunk of cricket followers around the world itself and Bangladesh are very strong and vociferous when it comes to how much they support their Bangladesh team.

Not many games when India play there is a 50-50 or 60-40 towards India but, the Bangladesh game [in WC] was one such game where you did find a lot of Bangladesh supporters.