Mumbai Indians in a phenomenal winning streak

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Mumbai Indians in a phenomenal winning streak

The Mumbai Indians have never had such great results. They show a phenomenal game and it seems that it will be very difficult for their opponents to get points. Mahela Jayawardene, their coach, is pleased with how the boys have responded to his instructions and the way they train, so it’s no surprise that success has come.

"As a coach, you will never be at ease in such a tournament," Jayawardene admitted despite his side getting off to a good start. "But it [the issue of starting slow] was something we were conscious about at the start of the tournament, where we always start slow and then we claw our way into the tournament.

So it was something we spoke about." "We knew the guys going into the tournament were in good form, they had prepared well but it's all about getting into that awareness, the intelligence for the situations out there.

Trying to get them to understand the situations quickly enough and adapt, that's where we came back strongly after the first few games where we learnt a lot very quickly, how to play in Abu Dhabi, which is going to be our main venue, having to play eight games there.

Players understanding

The coach believes that the players understand each other very well on the field and that everyone is aware of their role "That has been the key, players understanding how we need to adapt to the change.

That whole identification as well, whether they are batters or bowlers - what are the situations they are going to be in and winning those little battles out there with the oppositions. So far, I'm very happy the way the guys have responded to that."

Jayawardene believes that there is no need to change the team and that he is satisfied with the players "Last year as well, we made that adjustment at the backend of the tournament when we played in pitches that suited the spinners," he said.

"So far, the fast bowlers have had a bigger role to play in the tournament, whether it is the powerplay, the middle overs or the back end. We're trying to keep that balance." "As long as they are making the contributions and they are penetrating the opposition batting line-ups, it doesn't matter what kind of surfaces we play on.

The quality of the fast bowling line-up that we have, they are always going to create opportunities." "We have a couple of good spinners operating right now in the playing XI. And there are a couple of guys who are in the wings, who we might look at depending on the opposition and match-ups.

Depending on the conditions, we might, but right now I'm happy with the combination that we have, seeing the way we have operated."