Jos Buttler praised two players of his team

"I thought the bowlers were outstanding. Adil Rashid I thought had his best day for a while"

by Sead Dedovic
Jos Buttler praised two players of his team

Jos Buttler, the England captain, had only words of praise for Adil Rashid, who was a key player in the team's victory against India. "I thought the bowlers were outstanding. Adil Rashid I thought had his best day for a while.

He was so tough to play. I thought he looked like getting a wicket every over. I thought he was outstanding,"- the captain said, as quoted by cricbuzz. "He's been brilliant for a long, long period of time. I've worked with him a lot.

I have a great seat to watch him go about his business. "He bowls with so much variation, and he's got as much variety as anyone really. I think he's been bowling really well actually. I think he may not have picked up the wickets that he usually does, and certainly from the outside some people said he wasn't bowling as well, but certainly from within the group, you come and face him in the nets, he's been bowling well." There was great chemistry between the players in the team.

"Tonight he was exceptional. I think wicketkeeper, bowler, we have a good relationship. Obviously he's very close to Moeen, and they work together a lot on their spin bowling. I've thought the way they've worked and the way they've communicated about what's working on the wicket and what looks good -- obviously Moeen stood at slip a bit as well tonight, so that communication was perfect.

He bowled the right style today," said Buttler.

Chris Jordan

He didn't forget Chris Jordan, who excelled either. "And special mention I would say as well to Chris Jordan, to come into such a high-pressure game not having played so far in the tournament, and I asked a huge amount of him there to bowl three overs straight through at the death against such a great hitter of the ball like Hardik Pandya.

That's a hell of a performance from Chris Jordan. "I think the way they played in the back 10 overs they scored heavily in that period, which I think showed what a good wicket it was. The dimensions can be tough to defend, as well.

So yeah, I was confident in the wicket. I thought the first 12, 14 overs of our bowling innings was outstanding. I think taking that early wicket, the way we set them back, the way we held them put a lot of pressure. Fantastic innings from Hardik Pandya to get them up to that score.