Rohit Sharma: One match doesn't define us

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Rohit Sharma: One match doesn't define us
Rohit Sharma: One match doesn't define us (Provided by Sport World News)

Jos Buttler commented on his team's match against India. "The game itself remains the same. "We must find a way to accept the noise around the match, but again, come back to exactly your job on the day, and play what's required from you.

It's still a game of cricket. There's a lot of things you can't control in the game. There will probably still be a misfield, someone will bowl a wide, someone might drop a catch. All these things happen in the game, just because it's a semifinal or not.

But we must maintain trying to play with the same level of freedom in T20 cricket. Whether it's one or two guys, whether it's a full-team performance coming down to it on the day, we must have a huge belief that we can get the job done."- Buttler said, as quoted by

Rohit Sharma on his team

Rohit Sharma believes that one match will not change things and people's opinions.

He is optimistic about his team. "I think knockout games are important. We do understand that. It's a simple logic to it, knockout games, because you get to play only once and there's only one opportunity to do well in that knockout game," Rohit said.

"But for us, I think, not just for me, but for the players, what they've done in their entire career doesn't define them by just one knockout game. The entire year you work so hard to get where you want to and to do well in whichever format you play.

So that one particular game is not going to decide that. I think it's important we do understand the importance of knockout, but at the same time, it's also important to realize and understand what sort of effort you put in the entire year to come to that stage." However, he understood that his team must show the right game if they want to win.

"But again, it's just a phase. It's just one phase of the tournament. We know there are two crucial phases of it. We do understand when you play this kind of tournament, you have to break it into parts. We've done one part of it really well.

There are two more parts to go," Rohit said. "But tomorrow is going to be one part of it where we have to play well to get the result. "But yeah, specifically to talk about that, I think it's important to understand that knockout games are important, and if you do well, it gives you that immense confidence.

But we do not forget what has happened in the past, what the players have done in the past. All the performances that they've put in for the team over the year, that one game cannot be dictating that. "I think there's a lot of effort that goes into putting ourselves and playing for the country and getting those efforts, getting those runs, getting those wickets, so I really don't believe that one bad game in the knockout can truly define what kind of player you are.

For us as players, as a team, I think we can pride ourselves to be here at this point in time because we saw two of the quality teams which were knocked out, and anything can happen in this format. For us, I think to be here at this point in time, I think we can take a lot of credit and pride ourselves in where we have come."